Some frequently asked questions about Guitar Getaways

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1. What is included in the price of a Guitar Getaway?

Guitar Getaways holidays generally include the cost of your tuition and materials, along with the cost of your accommodation and all meals. For most courses, it is possible to opt out of staying in either the arranged accommodation, or out of some evening meals.

Check our Course Enrolment page for more details of the options available. Guitar Getaways Awaydays are normally half day or evening events and normally include the cost of tuition and learning materials. It may also include complimentary catering.

2. What if I need to cancel my booking?

Our cancellation policy has been designed to allow a degree of flexibility for our customers. We are a small company, and will deal with requests for cancellation on each individual case's merits. Please also refer to our terms and conditions for more details of our refunds policy).

3. What if a course I have enrolled for does not run?

Should any advertised programme not run (for instance, due to a lack of enrolled student numbers), we would do our utmost to find an alternative suitable Guitar Getaway.

Guitar Getaways is a package holidays company, and, as such has appropriate insurance in place to ensure that our customers can book with us with confidence that in the event of any cancellation, they will be entitled to a full refund.

CORNWALL COURSES Can you pick me up when I arrive in Cornwall by train or other form of public transport, and drop me off at the end of the course?

Yes, this can be arranged - please contact us to let us know your requirements. A fee may be charged for collection and drop off services.

MALTA COURSES: Transfers from the airport are included as part of the course fee.

5. CORNWALL COURSES: I am staying off-site during my Guitar Getaway, can you arrange my transportation between my holiday accommodation and the study site?,

Yes, we can. At Tremough Campus, we can arrange collection and drop off for students who are staying off campus. You are advised to contact us to discuss arrangements.

6. I'm not sure which Guitar Getaway is suitable for me?

Our website has content designed to assist you in finding the most appropriate programme. However, we strongly encourage you to contact us to discuss your course suitability in more detail. When we have established the most suitable course for you, we can also provide guidance on preparatory material that you may wish to consult before taking a course.

7. Do you offer acoustic guitar courses?

Guitar Getaways can be taken using either acoustic or electric guitars. In addition we are planning to run specialised acoustic guitar/finger-style Guitar Getaways. Please contact us for more information.

9. Can I take a Guitar Getaway that will let me get some band playing experience and / or tuition in band playing?

Most of our courses feature performance workshops that facilitate both informal and formal playing opportunities. The live playing options vary depending on the teaching staff delivering a particular programme, and upon the venue being used.

10.What is your definition of a Beginner?

Our Beginner Guitar Getaway (where available) is designed for two types of player - a) Those who have never played guitar before, and b) those who have played a little before but have never really practiced in an organised way before, and who have not managed to learn even simple melodies, songs, or more than the most basic chords.

11. What sort of player would benefit from an Applied Guitar Getaway?

Most players will find the Applied Guitar Getaway useful. It has been designed for a wide range of ability levels - from those progressing from basic chords to barre chords, to those looking to get some band playing tuition, to those who are more competent technically, but who have played by ear without learning much theory or chord names. Above all else, however, the Applied Guitar Getaway is designed to be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for more capable guitarists who don't get much time to play their guitars, and need assistance in developing positive practice/playing methods. In addition, we hope that many students will take the Applied Guitar Getaway more than once - as the teachers and curriculum will vary and develop over time, ensuring continued benefit to those wishing to go around again!


13. What should I bring with me to classes?

You should normally bring: Your guitar - this can be electric or acoustic, 6 or 12 string and of any style/make Guitar Cable Pen and paper/notebook Hand held audio recorder - (with the permission of the tutor you may record part of the classes you attend) Amplifier - most of our programmes will feature some opportunities for live performance, and we encourage students to use their own equipment where feasible. On some courses, we may have partner equipment available for you to road-test, but we encourage you to use your own gear as a fall-back position. If, however, you don't have a suitable amplifier, this is not a problem, as facilities will be available at our venues. You are also welcome to bring any effect units that you may wish to work with.

13. I would like to teach on a Guitar Getaway - how do I apply?

We are always interested to hear from motivated teachers who know how to make guitar learning enjoyable and fun. We are not looking for teachers with huge egos, but for those who love teaching the guitar and have experience of delivering group guitar education to adults of all ages and playing abilities. If you are interested in working with us, why not contact us?