Summer Break Course

A Week of intensive guitar study, with cutting edge guitar tutors. This course is ideal for those who really want to get their heads down and turn the corner with their playing. This is a no compromise guitar holiday designed to show you the way to success on your instrument.

The course will take place at Cornwall's Penryn Campus, a great base from which to pursue new directions in your guitar playing.

This Guitar Getaway is suitable for a wide range of guitarists - whether you are an "improver" who can play a few basic "open" chords, and are keen to progress your playing, or a long time player who is out of practice or has not studied formally in the past, the Summer Break curriculum will provide a solid grounding in how to push forward your guitar playing.

Not everyone on the course will be at the same level - some will have taken more lessons, know more theory, and some will have more performance experience. The course is not designed for robots, or to produce them - students benefit by learning from both the less experienced, who often know one or two things that other players have missed, and from the more technical or theoretical players on the course.

You will learn fretboard, chord and scale theory, all applied using backing tracks and other musical examples. This course should represent a giant step in assisting clearing up any confusion that you may have encountered when learning the guitar in the past..

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